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”Qazaqstan Shutdown 2022”

Internet Shutdown

4 Access to messenger platforms WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal was estricted from January 4 throughout Kazakhstan, followed by the total blocking of web resources on the next day.

On January 5th, Kazakhtelecom and Beeline shut down access of their users to both to mobile and wired Internet. Since Internet in Kazakhstan is centralized, meaning that any international traffic goes only through the networks of international telecommunications operators, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the population of the entire country was cut off from web resources.

The access to Internet was restored , on the night of January 6th, but it didn’t last for long. News on Internet blocking in Kazakhstan was published in Telegram channels by GlobalCheck and NetBlocks .


Jese Leos

Danila Bekturganov

Surge of online petitions after January events in Kazakhstan

Jese Leos

Yelzhan Kabyshev

The practice of restricting Internet content, including January 2022

Jese Leos

Veniamin Alaev

The situation of people with disabilities during the January 2022 events

Jese Leos

Ruslan Daiyrbekov

Ensuring guarantees of protection of the right to privacy of citizens during the state of emergency in Kazakhstan

Jese Leos

Gulmira Birzhanova, Diana Okremova

The right to freedom of expression and access to information online in the context of the January events

Jese Leos

Roman Reimer

Violations of the right to a fair trial during the January events

Jese Leos

Dana Mukhamedzhanova

The impact of social networks and messengers on protests: issues of privacy and state security

Jese Leos

Alexey Muntyan

The European approach to the regulation of personal data processing in a state of emergency





Shutdown 2022

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